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Outdoor power supply is:  A device that allows you to use electricity safely anywhere, anytime outdoors.  A portable power station that can accommodate huge amounts of energy.
A device that allows you to stay away from the panic of power shortage in areas outside the city, where there is no power outlet.
Application scenarios of outdoor power supply
The application scenarios of outdoor power supply mainly include: car emergency, long-distance self driving, home standby, mobile office, short distance travel, etc., and even stall lighting, emergency repair and rescue. I think the reason why it is called "outdoor" power supply is that its advantages in outdoor are more obvious.

First: safety is the core. Almost all reliable outdoor batteries choose lithium iron phosphate batteries. No matter how the function changes, security always comes first in considering the product.
Second: the size is suitable, and it is more convenient to have a smartphone app.
Because the outdoor power supply is very heavy, portability should be considered.
It has many advantages, such as large capacity, high power and high security. It is especially applicable in some power limited areas. It can supply power to electric rice cookers, hot water kettles, lighting lamps and notebook computers, which is equivalent to a mobile "backup power station". Bull is a well-known brand in China. The outdoor power supply can meet the charger needs of most electronic devices, and can cope with power outages, lighting and other needs. It is small in size and easy to carry.

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