2022 The 6th China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition Paris France Division about to Begin


2022 The 6th China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition Paris France Division is about to begin. The Competition aims to integrate innovation and entrepreneurship resources, assist overseas innovation and entrepreneurship projects in accessing Chinese hi-tech industrial resources, open the Chinese market, and realize mutual benefits and win-win results. The Competition is organized by the Organizing Committee of China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition and co-organized by Chuangsai Innovation Industry (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd and Aiken International.

The Competition is open to innovation and entrepreneurship projects. There are industry competitions in fields like new generation electronic information, digit and fashion, high-end equipment manufacturing, green and low-carbon, new material, biological medicine and health, and marine economy, and award competitions in fields like industrial software design and R & D in semiconductor technology. This Competition is open to all foreign innovation and entrepreneurship projects with no restrictions on participators’ nationality. Bonus of this Competition reaches RMB 8.75 million, which includes individual bonuses up to RMB 0.85 million (venture capital investments are not included). Those who have projects landed in Shenzhen and met the conditions will be eligible for a startup subsidy of up to RMB 1 million. A venture capital pool of RMB 25 billion has been set up by more than 50 investment institutions, which helps support outstanding projects.

Specific entry conditions are as follows:

1.Overseas high-level entrepreneurship team or individuals with innovation achievements and entrepreneurship plans;

2.The participant has not registered a commercial entity in Shenzhen and is not the legal representative or shareholder, and plans to establish an enterprise in Shenzhen or cooperate with relevant industries in Shenzhen;

3.The participant possesses full ownership of all rights related to the product, the technology and the patent, has no property dispute with any other person, and assumes full responsibility caused by any possible infringement;

4.Participants and projects that have won any award from the 1st China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition and all previous competitions (including domestic and international competitions) are not allowed to participate in this Competition.

For detailed registration channels and participation conditions, please log on to the official website http://cn.itcsz.cn/ and click “Paris France Division”.

Far-sighted participants are welcome to 2022 the 6th China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition Paris France Division. As an international metropolis, Shenzhen boasts the best business environment in China. Guangming District, located northwest of Shenzhen, has a solid industrial foundation, initially forming a development pattern of industry clusters for emerging industries, including the new generation of information technology, new materials and biomedical industries. The District is creating a world-class science city. It aims to become the center of North Shenzhen by building itself into an area of original innovation resources, a leader in the scientific research economy, and an aggregation of innovative talents. It is also speeding up the construction of a pilot zone for a comprehensive national science center in the Greater Bay Area to lubricate the innovation engines there.

The specific schedule is as follows:

July 15—September 30: Online registration

Early October—early November: Paris France Division

Early November: Reward competition

Mid-November—late November: Seven industry finals

Late November: Grand final and award ceremony

(The specific time is subject to the official website of the international competition.)


Company: IEC Technology Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd./Aiken International. Co.

Contact Person: LIruxue/LIshaoqi

Email: 908296785@qq.com/lishaoqi426@gmail.com

Website: http://apply.itcsz.cn/elogin-paris2022-cn

Telephone: +86 16675371737/+33 0658653506

City: Shenzhen, China/Paris, France

Address: Tusincere Park, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China

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